Even if you’re soaking wet, smile 
Because I’ll always be by your side ~♫

I wish upon the starry skies;
a message sent with my fingertips ~♫

Tomorrow’s way of life scares me, but I stand on a path of no return.

Tomorrow never knows

(Belated) Happy Birthday YUI

A suuuuper belated birthday present for (at that time in caps) YUI.


Drawing: wagamama
Colors: Me

Happy Road


photo happy-road_zpsc518e6c3.jpg



Is this the very first FLOWER FLOWER fanart in history?
I certainly hope so xD

Starting top left is Saji Norihide, FLOWER FLOWER’s Drummer.
Next to him is our beloved YUPI. (Yes! she cut and dyed her hair!)
Below to the left, Bassist MafuMafu. and to the right, Keyboardist MuraJun (Male)

I know I have problems trying to bring people from real world and adjusting them to my drawing style and make them to resemble the real persons… it’s something I need to keep working on…

Gorillaz’ cover of their album Demon Days is one of those covers you just don’t forget no matter what. Designer of those characters is a comic artist called Jamie Hewlett. Do check him out!

Different YUPI versions.

I tried to play with different color palettes and character proportions.

All costumes are based on real FLOWER FLOWER costumes. ^^; 
And yeah, YUI cut her hair now…and she’s blonde xD

My back is hurting, I should get a better work station…. Dx



The other day I had a strong fever and I had some crazy dreams.

I deamt I was being hunted by militar troops o__o

I also dreamt about YUI. She was singing without her guitar and had clothings similar to the ones in the picture. She was singing a song unknown to me.


It was the best dream ever ^_^

Problem about my dreams is that they are not very detailed… and with the time they start to blur out. So this might be not even close to what I saw that night… but you can’t get an idea ^_^;

Took me a lot to finish this and I know the drawing sucks and it’s awkward and all…  and I know I have said this many times… But I would really like to start drawing again.

The other day I met three lovely people, I talked to them only for a short while, but they gave me courage to keep trying ^_^

Fanart by Chilean illustrator peerro 

Take a look at his works!